1 Jul 2013

getting there. just needs refinement and detail.also the period of the middle panel is not reading well. need stronger signifiers. show opens on friday night so be there..................or...............i'll be sad :(

jokes i dont care about you at all hahahahaha

no but seriously ill probably cry and itl all be your fault.

spent too long illustrating the church so i took a break from illustration. and did some more illustrating. partly inspired by some epic production photos I saw somewhere of the new mad max film. one of those moments then your all like "my cars look cool" and when you see some epic shit and your all like "fuck illustration why do i even try".


  1. The church painting is pretty neat, but I'm really loving those cars... they look epic!
    Can't wait for Mad Max 4 myself :)

  2. yeah man totally. i think a movie night of the old films is probably in order at some point in the near future too lol