30 Aug 2013

A shot of the mesa dwellings of Burroughs. This is definitely one of my favorite concepts of Robinsons. Burroughs is a tent city (like most early Martian settlements) but its tent encloses five massive mesas. Most of the city's structures are simply dug into the interiors of the rock pillars. This has the benefit of being able to use the open ground in between them for huge parks and recreational facilities. On a world of enclosed living conditions, this is damn luxurious. Also it's just a straight epic hybrid of ancient cultures and new technology.

And heres one idea (I got a whole bundle-o-sketches but I'm gonna render one or two more) for the very first habitats the first hundred live in at Underhill. Robinson repeatedly describes them as being very trailer home like, and the whole camp infact looking like a derelict trailer park.

This one I threw in some DOC hut/early Antarctic explorer vibes.

They are dropped onto the surface during the few years previous to the settlers arriving, along with other big stuff like the vehicles and air miners etc. Shipped to Mars on automatic freighters.

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