3 Sep 2013

Qahiran Mahjaris (Martian Bedouin)

"Al-Qahira is the name for Mars in Arabic, and Malaysian, and Indonesian. The latter
two langauges got it from the former; look at a globe, then, and see how far the Arabs'
religion spread. The whole middle of the world, from West Africa to the West Pacific. And
most of that in a single century. Yes, it was an empire in its time; and like all empires, after
death it had a long half-life.
The Arabs who live out of Arabia are called Mahjaris, and the Arabs who came to
Mars, the Qahiran Mahjaris. When they arrived on Mars a good number of them began to
wander Vastitas Borealis ("The Northern Badia") and the Great Escarpment. These
wanderers were mostly Bedouin Arabs, and they traveled in caravans, in a deliberate
recreation of a life that had disappeared on Earth. People who had lived in cities all their
lives went to Mars and moved around in rovers and tents. The excuses for their ceaseless
travel included the hunt for metals, areology, and trade; but it seemed clear that the
important thing was the travel, the life itself."

Extract from Kim Stanley Robinson's  'Red Mars'.


  1. Gosh man, this whole Mars set is incredible work. I don't think I've seen any other visual artist do the Mars trilogy this much justice.

    1. Thanks man! Really appreciated :)